Comfort Included.

Amenities and services for travelers that make staying easy.

Indigo Pass is an independent boutique-style hotel where guests are given the privacy to be on their own, surrounded by all the creature comforts for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. 

Our six deluxe rooms are located on the top floor of Torchlight Pass, which houses award-winning restaurant and bar, retail, and pamper perfect MC Hair Salon.

Parking is available behind the building in the large, well-lit lot. When you see the Torchlight Pass logo, you’ve reached the right place!
The entrance to Indigo Pass is on the patio, through the glass doors. Proceed to the third floor and down the hallway to your left.

Your 4-digit passcode followed by # will gain you access into all secured doors for an easy, digital, and contact-less stay!